Vision 4 2020 conference: Sponsored by Australian Online Therapy Training

By Renee

Date : December 21, 2019 |

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Hello beautiful practitioners,

Vision 4 2020 is a conference sponsored by Australian Online Therapy Training – that is happening on 20 & 21 January, 2020. It is specifically designed for therapists, psychololgists, social workers, counsellors, alternative healers, allied health and health practitioners.

Vision 4 2020 is here to help support you – if you work with people – to digitise your practice. The conference is designed for practitioners at any stage of their practice journey – and the information that will be shared at Vision 4 2020 conference even applies in your face-to-face practice.

At this conference – you can take part from home in the online version, or you can come in to meet the presenters in Sydney. Vision 4 2020 is being held over 2 separate days – 20 & 21 January, 2020.

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The following practitioners and speakers are presenting their materials at the conference:
– Philippa (Pip) Weitz – International online therapy trainer and speaker
– Richard Hill – International speaker, author and ‘Mirroring Hands’ therapist
– Alyse Price-Tobler – SEMPI founder, psychotherapist and mental health activist
– Julia Lara Shay – Social worker, creative therapist and coach
– Narelle Wallace – Therapist, coach & professional marketer
– Yianni Serpanos – Core Plus and Health Tech X founder
– Rodney Tatara-Stanton – Social worker and mental health advocate
– Renee McDonald – AOTT Director, Online therapist, coach, trainer and speaker
– Annette Eriksen – International online therapist and career coach
– Margaret MacDonald – Executive coach and social entrepreneur
– Jonathan Van Viegen – Online therapist, Instagram and Facebook specialist
– Kirstin Robertson-Gillam – Creative arts therapist, musician and psychotherapist


Hi, I’m Renee McDonald and I’m the owner of Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT). I’m a counsellor, coach and educator. I have been working in counselling and coaching for over 16 years and in training and education for over 12 years. AOTT is my online training platform offering to professional therapists and coaches in the field needing to bridge the digital gap!

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