Success is often fickle…. and online is about trust…and RESEARCH

By Renee

Date : January 28, 2020 |

Sucess Writing on the Beach

Hi to all reading this,

Something that keeps coming back to for me – when working online – … is that success is fickle.

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be in online spaces and that old adage of ‘it’s all about the journey’ is so true when it comes to success in business, particularly online businesses.

Often, over the past 18 months, in order to have some success, there’s been a fair amount of pain. Though, I’ve found that with the pain comes great learning.

The magnitude of the learning that has happened has been huge.

Sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, though it really hurts when it can be big companies can copy or try to do the same thing as you in an easier manner because they have the staff… and that take over spaces that they shouldn’t.

How do you know if the person you’ve chosen to do business with – is trustworthy?


Firstly, do they …

  1. Do what they say they’re going to do (whilst all being human – take that into account)
  2. Can they back up their claims – show you examples of testimonials and
  3. Can they show you how they care for the people who may be their clientele
  4. In the online coaching and therapy spaces – can they display care and concern for the end user – because even online, it’s all about the client … not you, the clinician, or what tasks you need to perform. How can the person providing you with guidance of how to do things online prove that they have considered your end client?
  5. Admit when they make mistakes. This is a big one in business.


In my instance, particularly my Level 2 – advanced level training – is all about your client and your skills …. and how they pivot to the online space. Level 2 has unique copyright information and goes beyond merely the initial tasks and skills.

Level 2 training must be taken live and is all about ensuring online practitioners are holding the virtual energy space for the clients (McDonald, 2019). In my textbook (McDonald, 2019), it discusses the importance of holding a grounded space online – and how to go about doing that and the steps in which to do that.

NO OTHER COURSES IN AUSTRALIA are teaching these skills.

It cannot be merely just the tasks that make us online practitioners. Even ACTO (the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online), acknowledges more than merely a 10 hour simple Level 1, or basic online therapy course – is required to be able to properly navigate the online therapy space. AOTT offers simple, moderate and more advanced skills courses within the online therapy space – and this is dependent upon your needs, requirements or skills. If you’re stuck and not knowing what to do, you can book in a free call for any time with Renee by clicking here.

So, where is AOTT different – for you – in your learning journey towards having a successful online practice?

Well, at AOTT we care about your outcomes …. and ESPECIALLY your client outcomes – and not just a ‘tick the box’ care, we may not get it right (because there are lots of ways to get things wrong), though we work with human beings in needy situations and work collaboratively with you – with our training, programs and coaching to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Sometimes this means that we are busy with other people that we are supporting, because we don’t have hundreds of people working for us.

Why did AOTT start? Well, it’s important to hear this story….

Renee, AOTT’s director, was an online therapy educator for online institution colleges before she went into provide courses. AOTT’s courses are second-to-none … providing information galore and meeting and adhering to the stringent international standards as well. Though, this often means that it will take you a little longer to complete the training.

Renee and Annette – the team at AOTT – have a great deal of experience and practice under their collective belt. We are both formally qualified in training and education, whilst possessing face-to-face counselling, coaching and psychotherapy degrees and the cherry on the top is that Renee and Annette have both formally completed international qualifications in online therapy and are both listed as ACTO therapists. To find them both search here.

Don’t go past our unique and specialised training courses. We are here to support you to transition into the 21st Century!

As the climate changes and more disasters happen, we are going to need more online therapy, not less.

Knowledge, qualifications and experience are important – and Renee and Annette have all of the above.

Contact us with your learning needs around online therapy, coaching, providing online courses, or just giving you gentle guidance. We look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, I’m Renee McDonald and I’m the owner of Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT). I’m a counsellor, coach and educator. I have been working in counselling and coaching for over 16 years and in training and education for over 12 years. AOTT is my online training platform offering to professional therapists and coaches in the field needing to bridge the digital gap!

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