Media release: Pro-bono support for those affected by fires

By Renee

Date : January 3, 2020 |

Media release announcement:
Pro-bono support for those affected by fires from AOTT Pty Ltd
“More than 1/3 of Australians are estimated to be (directly) affected by the fires” (Richard Flanagan, 3 / 1 / 2020
Since November, 2019, AOTT, my company has been offering members of the public pro-bono remote, online and phone counselling if they have been affected by the fires across Australia (AOTT, 11/11/2019,
As a SOUTH COAST of NSW resident, Renee McDonald, along with many other regional members (who’ve completed professional development with AOTT, for in-depth online therapy learning), AOTT learners and trained professionals are uniquely placed to understand, empathise and be compassionate towards members of these unique communities.
Therapists on social media forums are INSISTING on providing pro-bono counselling and support to the general public remotely. Therefore, AOTT, along with many of these therapists, will be taking this grassroots campaign to the media.
As a professional who has extensive experience providing counselling (in the past) to people with crisis support over the phones with Lifeline, and to people after serious grief, loss and traumatic events, Renee McDonald and her company, AOTT, and her colleagues, are well-placed to provide this serious and disaster relief therapeutic support.
AOTT online therapy training is second-to-none in Australia, with many of the learners completing upwards of 60 hours of training and learning, in addition to their therapeutic studies, order to really be compassionate, helpful, and practically assist clients remotely in online or phone-based virtual services.
For more, regarding trained online therapists who are listed, see here:
In addition, there are many other therapists who we have trained in therapy and requested to be additionally listed who can provide some support to members of the public. Please contact AOTT for more on – email: in order for us to provide you with the best counsellor or psychotherapist for your needs.


Hi, I’m Renee McDonald and I’m the owner of Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT). I’m a counsellor, coach and educator. I have been working in counselling and coaching for over 16 years and in training and education for over 12 years. AOTT is my online training platform offering to professional therapists and coaches in the field needing to bridge the digital gap!

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