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By Renee

Date : September 3, 2019 |

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been a pretty busy beaver in the background – getting a lot of things done for my business and setting up new processes, since becoming a Pty Ltd company in February of this year, 2019.

There are quite a few things that we at AOTT have managed to do – firstly, we have developed a completely new and unique course structure – that will eventually meet international standards for online therapy. There will be a lot more on this at a later date and stay tuned for some super big announcements in this regards. If you are a therapist, feel free to ask to join my online therapy Facebook group by clicking right here – for more of the latest, regarding what’s on offer from AOTT.

Secondly, I have been working alongside Bondzest and providing corporate consulting regarding a future online therapy platform (feel free to be in touch if you’d like me to consult with your IT company, regarding people or people skills’ solutions)….. And there will be a lot more announcements regarding Bondzest – coming soon.

Thirdly, I have Annette Eriksen working with me – providing support within Level 1 training. So – we are now building a team here at AOTT.

Fourthly, I have brought out my textbook in July, 2019, through Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP). Please click here – on where to purchase it.

Fifthly, I launched The Online Therapy Podcast – and it’s now available on all the usual channels – Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Anchor.

Sixthly, I am now collaborating with organisations to hire contract online therapists, based on my extensive training.

Over the past week, I have had two companies contact me for trained and qualified online therapists.

Finally, we at AOTT are now offering training to corporate organisations, community organisations, agencies and charitable organisations. Previously, Renee has trained organisations in online therapy – and now with AOTT becoming a company, we are going to be offering this service even more in the future.

If you’d like to know that your company is hiring good quality online therapists, you cannot go past AOTT’s training and therapists that we have on our books. The high standards expected at AOTT training really is second-to-none. We are one of the only online therapy training organisations that offer extensive practical upskilling and skills gap digital-ready courses.

We are here to help you sort through the mess of the digital skills gap problem – especially in people and service-driven industries.

Thanks for reading! I know how valuable your time is. Feel free to contact us here if we can be of any help – in this challenging new age.


Hi, I’m Renee McDonald and I’m the owner of Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT). I’m a counsellor, coach and educator. I have been working in counselling and coaching for over 16 years and in training and education for over 12 years. AOTT is my online training platform offering to professional therapists and coaches in the field needing to bridge the digital gap!

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